R.I.P., AMC Glen Lakes

If this picture had been taken 20 years earlier, the concession stand would be right in the middle.

Recently, the AMC Glen Lakes multiplex was demolished to make way for a new Dave and Buster’s. Obviously, based on the state of things in this picture I snapped Saturday, I got there too late to grab a brick as a souvenir. The Glen Lakes was where I worked during my junior and senior years of high school, as well as the summer after my freshman year of college. I’ve never had a job I enjoyed more than that one. Maybe that’s because all of the income I earned for tearing tickets, serving popcorn, and cleaning auditoriums was completely disposable, since I had zero responsibilities at the time. The free movies didn’t hurt either. … [cue the touching off-mic tribute] … Stay hard, Glen Lakes!

I took this picture only because nobody was there to stop me.

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