Kanakuk Case Will Go To Trial Next August

The federal lawsuit against Kanakuk Kamps, a Missouri-based Christian summer camp, finally has a trial date. The civil suit that was filed two years ago on behalf of a Randall County family will have its day in court beginning Aug. 5, 2013. The family, known as the Does, are suing Kanakuk and several related entities for the psychological, emotional, and physical pain inflicted upon their son by camp counselor Pete Newman, who is serving two consecutive life sentences, plus 30 years, for sexually assaulting campers.

As the Branson Tri-Lakes News reports, this date is a compromise between the requests of the plaintiffs and the defendants. The plaintiffs wanted the trial to begin prior to July 22 to allow their son an uninterrupted senior year of high school. The defendants, including Kanakuk CEO Joe White, requested a setting prior to May 8 or after Aug. 11 so as to avoid conflicts with camp programming.

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