Want to Get Your Block In/Out of a UP Parking District? Wait a Year.

Every month, it seems, a block or two in one of University Park’s new parking districts wants to either get into the district or out of the district. Last night it was the 2900 block of Daniel Avenue, which opted out of the district by getting 11 of the 17 homes in the block to agree. Democracy in action.

But, all of these changes are weighing down the city’s public works and police departments, which are tasked with installing or removing the district signs, and enforcing the districts, respectively.

So city officials will bring an amendment to the ordinance to the City Council in the coming weeks, police chief Gary Adams said Tuesday. The amendment would only allow additions/removals to be considered once a year.

“This should pretty much smooth it out,” said city manager Bob Livingston.

Moral of the story? Hate your district? Love it, and want to get in one? Act fast.

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