HPISD Gifts: March Edition

'Tis a vibraphone ($4,493).

HPISD logged another $300,749 in gifts and donations at Tuesday’s trustee meeting.

The breakdown:

$185,000 from the Armstrong PTA to Armstrong Elementary, for computers and carts ($74,195); toner and technology supplies ($20,680); staff development ($20,000); Safari Montage video broadcasting ($19,878 ); video production ($18,041); master’s coursework ($14,000); printers ($5,131); reading intervention ($5,000); supplemental pay ($5,000); technology subscriptions ($1,575); and copy-machine leases ($1,500)

Another $75,000 from the Armstrong PTA, for teacher salaries at Armstrong Elementary

$11,993 as in-kind donations from the Raider Band Booster Club to McCulloch Intermediate and Highland Park Middle schools’ Raider Band, in the form of event/concert transportation ($7,500); and a vibraphone ($4,493; Ignorantly, I imagined this to be a giant tuba-like thing. It’s not. See stock photo.)

$11,683 as in-kind donations from HP Arts to the Raider Band, in the form of Yamaha euphoniums ($2,794 for a pair); french horns ($4,372 for  a pair); and a marimba ($4,517)

$9,980 worth of shoulder pads from the Highland Park Sports Club, for the high school football team

$5,000 from the Highland Park Dad’s Club, to go toward the high school’s student emergency fund

$1,993 from the Highland Park Sports Club, to buy a new laptop for the high school gymnastics team and a new iPad for the basketball team

$100 from the Dallas Foundation — via Giving for Good program participant Lila McLain —  for staff development at HPMS

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