Beware of Knife-Wielding Solicitors

That headline really goes without saying, as anyone would be weary of a blade-wielder. But the moral of the story up on WFAA is don’t open the door for strangers, no matter how much you may like magazines. While WFAA calls this a “Preston Hollow” crime, definition of the area differs widely as there are no official community parameters. I’m trying to track down a police report on the stabbing incident to see if it actually occurred in our neck of the woods.

William James Gerlich III (Trey for short) touched on the fake magazine subscription sellers in January before they took a violent turn.

UPDATE: Thanks to commenter Melinda for providing the police report number, but since the victim is asking for privacy, we chose not to post that information as it reveals his name and specific address. We can tell you that the stabbing occurred around 8 p.m. Friday in the 6700 block of Talmadge Lane, west of Hillcrest Road. The suspect remains at large. For more information, the Dallas Morning News has an interview with the victim’s family members.

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