Roosters Men’s Grooming Center to Open in Preston Center

When I was young, I used to get my hair cut at Petronella Barber Shop, on Violet Avenue. It was in a small, wooden shack of a building, and Mr. Antonio Petronella would chain smoke all day to the point where the curtains were a cardboard brown. It was my favorite place in the world, because I got a lollipop and a decade’s worth of Sports Illustrated to flip through.

When I was in fourth grade, my mom stopped wanting to gag on cigarette smoke with her three sons, so we shifted to getting our hair cut by one of her friends, in a kitchen of a split-level ranch. It was not as fun.

In other news, University Park resident Daryl Hendrix is opening Roosters Men’s Grooming Center in Preston Center. It’s billed as an “upscale barbershop” (read: probably no chain-smoking Italians), and will host a grand opening at 11 a.m. March 28.

“When I was researching franchises to invest in, I was very impressed with the comfortable, relaxing environment that Roosters provides,” Hendrix said.  “Roosters is a rapidly growing national franchise that has established its reputation by ensuring exceptional customer service.”

So, if you need a trim, head to Roosters. Or hop on a plane to New York, and go see Mr. Petronella.

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