Here’s a Short Photo Essay of my Night in Forestwood

Last night, I had a few minutes to kill before heading to a screening of Eddie Murphy’s latest terrible movie “1,000 Words.” If that sentence wasn’t enough to disuade you from seeing it, try this one: don’t go see it.

Anyway, I stopped in to Forestwood Center/parking lot full of stuff, hopped out, and looked around a bit. Here’s what I saw.

A quilt from Forestwood Shopping Center. Note: these are not swastikas; swastikas (after some disturbing Google Image searches) point clockwise. Still, maybe not the best quilt pattern.
At Kel's Kitchen, the plainest menu in the history of restaurants. I felt like I was buying coffee and pork commodities.
My dinner at Kel's Kitchen. For $8.90 (including tax) I got chicken-fried chicken, fried okra, macaroni and cheese, and cole slaw. If this isn't the most American thing you've seen all day, you're probably lying to yourself.

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