Cooper Fitness Center Hosts Free Nutrition Expo

Meridan Zerner

On Page 3A of the current edition of Park Cities People, you will find a Q&A with University Park resident Meridan Zerner. She is one of the registered dietitians who will speak today at the Cooper Fitness Center’s free Nutrition Expo. Attendees will enjoy cooking demonstrations, food samples, chair massages, and free blood-pressure checks. And if you have time, you can also work out at the Cooper center today — for free.

One thought on “Cooper Fitness Center Hosts Free Nutrition Expo

  • March 5, 2012 at 2:35 pm

    Hi, I saw this on Fox4 News this morning, I was running out of the house when I saw them speaking about the nutrition bar I think is was called something like Omega3 or something like that and also the cookie for breakfast. I could be wrong but I would like the actual names of both of these items please, as well as where I could purchase them, I live in Arlington,TX. Thanks.


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