Wanted: Coyote Pelt

From this month’s SMU Crime report:

February 22

120215    10:13 AM.    Theft:    Owens Arts Center/6101 Bishop Blvd.    A faculty member reported theft of her video camcorder and a coyote pelt.  The theft occurred sometime between 2/1-2/21.    Open.

So many questions.

1. What was the pelt being used for? Scarf? Fine with me.
2. Would you take a professor more of less seriously if they had a coyote pelt in their office? I’m inclined to say “more,” but only if said pelt still included the head.
3. Why was nothing else taken? I imagine there were plenty of other things of value between “video camcorder” and “coyote pelt.”
4. The theft occurred “sometime between 2/1-2/21.” How do you not realize your coyote pelt is missing?
5. Wouldn’t this be a much better story if the coyote reincarnated, then stole the camcorder to document his travels?

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