ESD Seniors Get National Service Recognition

After reading an email ESD’s Julie Clardy sent me, I feel like I need to go volunteer somewhere. Last week, 276 students in the Upper School were recognized for individually completed 100 hours of community service last year, earning them the President’s Volunteer Service Award.

What’s even more impressive, is that 44 seniors earned the award for a fourth consecutive year. Combined, the 44 students earned 15,400 hours during their high school tenure, and total, ESD’s Upper School had over 25,000 hours of service given this past year. That’s a lot of service.

“We want our students to develop a lifelong commitment to volunteerism,” said Christi Morrow, ESD’s Director of Community Service, in a press release. “In 2007, ESD recognized 147 students, including eight seniors who are four-year recipients. More and more, our Upper School students are answering the call and have created a culture of service within the student body. Kudos to them! I hope that they find that their service experiences are not only meaningful, but perhaps transformative.”

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