Mayor Rawlings Wants More HS Summer Interns

Should students be career driven during their sophomore or junior year of high school? If asked, Mayor Rawlings would say yes.

Today at City Hall Rawlings announced that he wants to beef up the Mayor’s Intern Fellows Program; an initiative that allows high school sophomores and juniors career experience through a paid internship in dallas-area businesses.

The Dallas Morning News reported that Rawlings wants to see more than 400 students join program and expand to more than 150 participating Dallas businesses. Currently there are only 33 participating.

In past years, high school students interned at AT&T, Atmos Energy, Deloitte and Children’s Medical Center. Interns are expected to shadow experienced employees and interact with company executives, giving them a working knowledge of the business.

Students must be at least 16 years old, have at least a 2.5 GPA, and must be a sophomore or junior at a Dallas public high school. If your an ambitious student that match this criteria: apply, click here.

But is it normal for high school students to do internships? It seem a little early to me. But then again, this is America.

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