Who Knew Jesuit Had a Museum?

I have never heard of a high school housing an art museum on campus. Much less throughout the school’s bustling hallways. However, Jesuit Dallas Museum has been around for a while and is really impressive.

Tomorrow, the museum celebrates their 25 anniversary with a  reception honoring Jesuit alumni artists and various JDM artists. On Wednesday the museum will host drop-in tours at 10 am., 11 a.m., and 1 p.m.

Considering the museum houses some work by my favorite artist, Salvador Dali, I will be at a tour.  There is a total of 490 pieces of art in the collection, including work by Dale Chihuly, and Amado Pena as well.

I just hope passing period doesn’t start while I’m roaming the halls. For more information about the reception and tours, click here.

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