Re: Hired Gun Will Travel

So you know that radar gun we mentioned last week?

Well, I also mentioned it to Lance Koppa, Highland Park DPS public information officer — a “why isn’t this working?” plea, really, when the gun began acting a fool for days on end, telling me trees and other stationary objects were going 11 mph in the Park Cities. Koppa was kind enough to set me straight (something in my car was likely interfering with the signal), and then — the fun part — he took me on a ride-along in an unmarked SUV.

Considering time of day (about 11 a.m. to noon) we didn’t see anything terribly dramatic, but I learned a ton about Highland Park’s street layout, and how it invites and discourages speeding in given areas. I’ll have more about that in next week’s paper.

So. Thanks all, for your suggestions. I hit as many places as I could in Highland Park, and am awaiting accident data from University Park.

Stay tuned.

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