At Least You’re Not in Detroit’s Highland Park

Every day, I receive the same three emails: my Highland Park Google Alert, my University Park Google Alert, and my Park Cities Google Alert.

Usually there is some Park Cities news scattered among stories from Penn State (University Park, Pa.), University Park, Md., and Los Angeles’ Highland Park neighborhood. During Sundance I get an abnormal amount of information from Park City, Utah.

Lately, though, Highland Park, Michigan has been in the news. Seems their district has become insolvent, teachers weren’t getting paid, and the state had to send them $4 million to complete the school year.

The district has an $11-million deficit, is under the on-again, off-again control of a state-appointed emergency manager and is unable to pay its bills. Employees are not expected to receive paychecks today as scheduled.

So. Let’s take a breath. It’s been a busy week in HPISD. And let’s be thankful.

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