Students Experience “At The Table With Dr. King”

ESD and Greenhill students experienced a very inspiring message about finding their life’s calling and answering that call after watching a presentation titled “At the Table with Dr. King.”

In honor of Black History Month, the program explored the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement though integrating live music, period-based audio and video clips, monologues, and historical narratives.

People Newspaper editor Dan Koller and I watched the presentation with a group of ESD students and after it was over, we left pretty excited to change the world.

At a round table after their performance, cast members told us that the program was meant to inspire students to be agents of positive change in their community. Some of the Upper School students at ESD and Greenhill were interviewed by cast members and all had positive reactions to the message.

A couple of student leaders from ESD said they are planning a many other events for Black History Month including charity projects and talent shows.

In collaboration with DADYO, a student diversity organization including ESD, Jesuit, Ursuline, St. Mark’s, Hockaday, Parish Episcopal, and Greenhill, the schools and students have a busy month ahead of them recognizing Black History Month.

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