Franklin Middle School Announces Teacher of The Year

Franklin Middle School congratulates Shawn Burns for being the 2011-2012 teacher of the year. The school said Mr. Burns is an exceptional teacher, and exemplified teaching effectiveness, high student achievement, involvement with students, parents, and community, and awareness of educational issues at the school.

Burns is the designated AVID teacher at the school, an elective students in the “academic middle”  can take which raises the bar for learning and prepares them for high school and college. During his five year tenure at Franklin, Burns has also served as the debate coach and is in charge of the school store.

William Harris was also recognized by the school and received “Best Teacher Assistant Award.” Harris works in the special education department and gives one-on-one attention to special needs students.

“He’s wonderful, patient, and calm with the children,” said the office secretary at Franklin. “He’s been here for three years and the teachers and staff really appreciate what he does.”

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