HPISD Comings and Goings: January Edition

Here are the HPISD personnel changes from the past month, per the Jan. 17 Board of Trustees meeting:


– Karen Zukoski, MIS music teacher, effective May 26, 2012

Leave of Absence

– Randy Allen, director of boys athletics (Though we hear this is just because of recovery from his car accident last year. Don’t worry.)

– Holly Bishop, HPHS science teacher

– Larry Jackson, HPHS economics teacher

– Amy Sepulveda, Bradfield gym teacher

– Kathleen Jackson, HPHS special ed assistant

– Carolyn Allen, UP instructional assistant


– Alexey Soldatchenko, district computer technician

– Jack Hatley, special ed instructional assistant (to be replaced by Anthony Peters).


– Emily Caldwell, to fill a new special ed instructional assistant position at UP Elementary

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