Wesley Robotics Students Keep Their Chins Up

Wesley Prep 6th graders Reagan Withrow, Noah Cousino, and Will Ingarfield fiddle with their LEGO robot during class.

Despite not placing at the FIRST Lego League Regional Championship Saturday, Wesley Prep students have plenty to be proud of.

A letter from their teacher, Mimi Brody, to the parents of the students:

Our kids did great and should feel very accomplished and proud. They are a first-year team and were competing against 14 year old students who have been doing this together for years. We had a great discussion yesterday morning to reminisce about the highs and lows! We all agreed that the experience was well worth all the work, and they are proud of themselves!

They had some wonderful thoughts of perseverance under pressure and working toward a goal as a team as well as expressing so many feelings of admiration for each other! Although we had the points in the classroom, we just could not make it happen.

As one of our darlings said, “We have seen our bot achieve the missions before, but for whatever the reason, this was just not our day. Any other day, it might have been, but this was not our day.” Valuable lesson…some days, you just can’t make it work.

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