Mirror, Mirror, on The Wall, Who’s The Most Helpful of Them All?

Every day, newspapers are filled with articles about violence, crime, and general upheaval. While those stories are undoubtedly newsworthy, I gather from the disdain the American public shows for the media that you’d like to see more positive stories grace our pages.

We hear you.

Park Cities People would like to recognize the person who donated the most time, energy, and resources in 2011 as its People Person of the Year. However, we need your help. Let us know who you think deserves our inaugural volunteerism award by nominating someone right now. Winners will be announced in our Feb. 3 edition.

One thought on “Mirror, Mirror, on The Wall, Who’s The Most Helpful of Them All?

  • January 19, 2012 at 9:51 am

    Not all value is in the quantity of volunteering or selflesss service.

    Quantity is important but also important in ranking where one ranks service is the level of sacrifice one might make in volunteer selfless service.

    I have seen others volunteer in areas that others deemed to “messy” or not politically correct. Volunteering service to make the world a better place in the face of losing friends, family and money is quite a sacrifice.

    For example, those people on the walls of the Holocaust Museum who are considered Righteous Among the Nations carried out acts of courage that could cost them their lives. They were instruments of selfless service of the highest level.

    Volunteering is important. All causes are good. But, if you hold a contest for the best of the best, please consider the quality of the selfless service.


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