Who Were Those Sharp-Dressed Men at Dunston’s?

On Friday night, my family and I occupied a 12-seat table at Dunston’s, specifically in “the library,” that room to your left as you enter from Lovers. (I never laid eyes on the prestigious “back room.”) The other large party in the library was very intriguing. All of the women were in ball gowns. All of the men were in tuxedoes and medallions; each man’s medallion appeared different from the next. They had a sign-in table that featured a sword with an elaborate hilt. At some point, the men voted on something via a series of vocal “ayes” and “nays.” Meanwhile, just a few feet away from all this very official business, my sons and nieces were experiencing the emotional roller coaster that is the life of a toddler. Very surreal. I would have asked the group’s name, but none of the members looked especially open to questions from outsiders.

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