Highland Park Gets Its Close-Up on “Top Chef”

I watch Top Chef every week, and have so since the series started.

I lived in DC when it was filmed there, and now I live in Texas during its “Texas-sized” season. It’s fun to spot the places and people you know (last night’s episode included some B-roll shot in front of my apartment building), but mostly I’m into it for the food.

But, I’ll excuse you this once if you watched last night’s ep because your neighbors were on it. Kim and Justin Whitman (Rheims Place), Kari and Troy Kloewer (couldn’t place their manse), and Kameron and Court Westcott (Preston Road) graced the television last night, as, in Bravo’s words, “Dallas high society.”

A better recap — as done by our pros at SideDish — can be found here later today.

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