Yavneh Doles Out $18K in Scholarships

Yavneh Academy's Head of School Donald O'Quinn (back) with Rachel Siegel, Jillian Herstein, Rachel Goodman, Jori Epstein, Justine Berman, David Dunsky, and scholarship benefactor Andrew Schultz

Six outstanding Yavneh Academy students received $3,000 Schultz Family Community Service Scholarships. Andrew Schultz congratulated the scholarship winners, which include seniors Justine Berman, David Dunsky, Jori Epstein, Jillian Herstein, and juniors Rachel Goodman and Rachel Siegel.

The scholarship recognizes current Yavneh students who exude community leadership, involvement, and a personal commitment to giving back. These six students have accumulated more than 6,000 service hours during their time high school careers. Yavneh requires only 130 service hours to graduate.

“In reading the applications of the students I was blown away, over and over, by the amount of service, and the diversity of projects and incredible interests, that these students have participated in,” said Andrew Schultz.

Schultz noted that this year’s honorees have tutored classmates and others in the community, worked with special-needs children, collected food for the hungry, and raised funds to build a school in Ethiopia.

“Those standing here today are examples of the inspiration for this scholarship and we hope the rest of Yavneh’s student body, so many of whom we know are deeply devoted to their community will too be inspired to never stop acting on that,” said Schultz.

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