ESD Chairman Vows Policy Changes

When John Eagle took the stand in the punitive stage of a family’s civil suit against the Episcopal School of Dallas, he promised changes.

ESD’s lead counsel Chrysta Castaneda asked Eagle if he planned to amend the school’s expulsion policy.

“Yes, ma’am,” Eagle said. “It’s a continuing process.”

Eagle’s plans include setting up a committee to look at “best practices” from other private schools in regard to expulsion. He said that separation from a school “is always a tough decision.”

“Anytime someone gets expelled, someone is unhappy,” Eagle said, adding. “But we can come up with a process that’s a little more thoughtful and careful.”

Eagle would not say whether Father Stephen Swann, Rebecca Royall, or Erin Mayo would be fired as a result of their actions. He pledged to investigate all three employees’ involvement in Jane’s forced withdrawal. Swann, Royall, and Mayo (who are the headmaster, chief academic officer, and head of upper school, respectively) testified that they were the only three people who signed off on the decision.

“If there was some way I could’ve taken this back, I would’ve,” Eagle said.

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