Lakeside Village Has New Owner

You know that shopping center on the southwest corner of Walnut Hill and Central? The one that includes Iron Stone Bank and PPG Paints? I remember struggling to figure out what its name was late last year, when Claire St. Amant was looking into a rash of robberies at the Subway there.

Well, now I know: It’s called Lakeside Village. And I know that because I received a press release yesterday trumpeting the shopping center’s sale to Retail Plazas Inc. by Henry S. Miller Companies, its owner since 1999. The release says Lakeside Village was developed by Property Company of America in 1986.

“Some of the tenants are still the original tenants in the center, like SAS Shoes and Lakeside Cleaners,” said Vaughn Miller, head of the Henry S. Miller retail division, “and that speaks volumes about the strength of the center and the market area.”

Good news for the new owners: Not one crime has been reported at the Lakeside Village Subway this year.

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