Who’s Running Things Around Here?

It’s not Lisa LeMaster. It’s not Charla Aldous. And it’s not Stephen Swann. It’s me. I disabled the comments on Claire’s ESD post yesterday simply because I was too busy to moderate them. And believe me — they need to be moderated. If you’re offended by some of the comments that have appeared here, you should see all the ones that we don’t approve.

But I agree with the commenters (and callers and emailers) who have complained about the tenor of the discussion on this blog. So we’re tightening things up around here. I’m going to be a bit more judicious when moderating the comments, in an attempt to raise the level of discourse. That means that some of you may write a comment that never appears on Preston Hollow People‘s blog. The key words there are “Preston Hollow People‘s blog” — i.e., my blog. No one has an inalienable, Constitutional right to anonymously comment on my blog.

If you don’t like that, let me offer you a full refund. Oh, wait — that’s right; we’re offering you all of this coverage for free.

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