Female Coonhound Puppy Found in 104-Degree Heat in Parking Lot

Seems another good neighbor has come across a lost pup. Says Marilyn Kapral, who includes her phone number below:

She is exceptionally well-behaved, hardly barks, and is just plain loving and likes a good snuggle and lots of petting. She has lots of tickle spots, it seems.

Her only quirks are that she will chew cardboard and paper, and she sneaks off with clothes just to smell them with that bloodhound nose; she has never torn up any clothes, but she will go after shoes – found her more than once with her nose stuffed into them! As with some big dogs, she will take you hand or arm unto her mouth, but doesn’t bite; she is just looking for attention and wants to play; just gets a little slobbery.

And lastly, she apparently is used to sleeping in bed with someone and/or being on sofas, because she sure does like to try that. I’ve had to kick her out of my bed several times; seems to be her comfort spot. That, and laying in front of an air conditioner.

She does need steady access to a lot of water.

Marilyn Kapral

The little miss is spayed, about a year old, and weighs 54 pounds — though she’ll probably continue to fill out. Please give Marilyn a call if you know this dog or know of a good home.

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