Rise School Leaving St. Luke’s

Visit the website for Rise School of Dallas, and you’ll see a message that says the school is leaving St. Luke’s Episcopal Church for King of Glory Lutheran Church. We’ve called both churches to ask why, and we were told to direct our questions to the Rise School. But school officials seem to still be on summer vacation. Any parents have any insights?

UPDATE: When we got Rise School director Kari Zerbe on the phone, she told us the announcement of a move was placed online by mistake. Within minutes, the announcement was gone.

2 thoughts on “Rise School Leaving St. Luke’s

  • August 8, 2011 at 4:15 pm

    When no other group would do so, St. Luke’s provided a home for Rise when the school was started in 1998. Although there’s no formal relationship, the church viewed providing space to Rise as a ministry. And Rise responded by contributing to improvements in the form of playground equipment, nursery and classroom refurbishment, etc., for church facilities used by the school. It’s been a relationship that I believe both the church and the school enjoyed. But it’s also always been slightly constrained by St. Luke’s older facilities. For example, there’s no gym at St. Luke’s, and the kids used the parish hall as their largest indoor play area. King of Glory has an outstanding facility that is considerably newer and larger than St. Luke’s. Although I do not have any particular knowledge, I suspect that the school simply decided that at this stage in its growth, King of Glory will better accommodate its needs. I’m not aware of any big drama about the change.

  • August 8, 2011 at 4:19 pm

    The UPDATE shows how much I know. My comments about the school’s move were based on what I’d inferred knowing about the facilities at both St. Luke’s and King of Glory, not on any particular knowledge about any planned move (or plan not to move, for that matter).


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