NFL Hall of Fame Selection Committee — Dumb

While writing a story for today’s Park Cities People about a crusade for inner-city youth at SMU on Sunday, I wrote that Pro Football Hall of Famer Tim Brown would be on hand to give his testimony.

As a reader correctly pointed out, Brown is, in fact, not in the hall of fame. Excuse me?

When I wrote the story, I didn’t even bother to double check that fact. I was so sure Brown was in that it didn’t even cross my mind. My sports brain failed me, though. Despite the fact Brown was a nine-time Pro Bowler who is fourth in the NFL in receptions (1,094) and receiving yards (14,934) and is tied for sixth all-time in receiving touchdowns (100).

The only conclusion I can draw from the fact the long-time Oakland Raider and Dallas native has been slighted twice now is that the Hall of Fame Selection Committee needs some serious assistance.

Anyway, Brown will be at the crusade Sunday. If you see him there, tell him his exclusion from Canton makes no sense at all.

One thought on “NFL Hall of Fame Selection Committee — Dumb

  • August 6, 2011 at 1:12 pm

    @Chuck: Right on! The Hall of Fame would be richer for having this Heisman winner in its membership. Let’s hope this situation is corrected next year.


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