Aldous: Was There Another Sexual Assault at ESD?

Yesterday’s trial proceedings ended on quite the cliff-hanger. In case you missed the final portion of my Day 7 post, I’ve recreated it here.

The judge has recessed the court until Monday following a line of questioning by Charla Aldous regarding an alleged previous case of sexual assault at ESD. Aldous was questioning Father Stephen Swann, founder and headmaster, when Shonn Brown objected and requested to approach the bench. Here are the last lines of testimony:

“If ESD had kicked [Jane Doe II] out of the school because what happened between her and Nathan Campbell sullied the pristine reputation of ESD, do you believe this would be a sin?” Aldous asks.

“I do,” Swann says. “[Sexual abuse] is a horrible wrong and a sin … I will remember it for the rest of my life.”

Aldous then asks, “You don’t know of another ESD student that’s been sexually assaulted by a teacher, do you?”

Objection by Shonn Brown. Aldous offers to rephrase.

“You never recall another incident at ESD where a teacher had sex with a student?” Aldous asks.

Brown asks to approach the bench. Brief break in testimony. When the attorneys return, Aldous resumes her questioning, this time saying:

“You have no knowledge of any other student being sexually abused or having a sexual relationship with a teacher at ESD?” Aldous says.

“I do not,” Swann says.

“Father Swann, that is a lie sir, is it not?” Aldous asks.

No answer, then Aldous names another student who stated she was sexually abused by a teacher at ESD in 2000 and told Swann about it. Swann says he remembers the student’s name.

Brown calls to approach. The jury is sent home, and the counselors go into the judge’s chambers.

The trial will resume on Monday, August 8.

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