Rise And Shine, Park Cities (7-20-11)

1. It’s not even August and I’m already seeing advertisements for back-to-school sales, and two-a-day practices are about to start picking up. If you’re trying to keep the first day of school from creeping up on you (HINT: It’s August 22), check out HPISD’s calendar. You’re welcome.

2. Julie Alexander will discuss Thomas E. Alexander’s book Stanley Marcus: The Relentless Reign of a Merchant Prince at tonight’s second-to-last installment of Highland Park United Methodist Church’s summer Rejebian series. The talk starts at 7 p.m. in Wesley Hall.

3. It’s hot outside, but that doesn’t mean you’re just lounging in the air-conditioned comfort of your home, right? If you’re out and about at your kids’ summer functions, remember to snap a few photos and email them to editor@peoplenewspapers.com. Your kids just might make it on the cover, which would be awesome, right?

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