Einstein Gets a Bagel for Service

Preston Center is congested. Invariably I find myself circling the area looking for a parking spot. So when the new Einstein Bros. Bagels opened in the tiny and awkward spot in Preston Royal Village, I was thrilled.

The problem is that the service is awful. I know it’s new, but after several months the service is not improving. Recently, I tried the Preston Center Einstein Bros. store just to see if I could figure out the problem. Maybe I could share my observations with the new Einstein’s management? Here is what I observed.

At Preston Center, you order and give your name. Then one of several people prepare your order and pass it to someone who calls your name and hands it over. Seems simple. At the new Einstein Bros., you order and give your name. Then, the first person behind the counter stands around reading the orders while the next person prepares all the orders and then a third person waits until the order is ready to call your name. The difference: Everyone at Preston Center is preparing orders, and at Preston Royal only one person is schmearing bagels. Maybe this is a nuance I need not worry about, but I just can’t figure out why buttering one toasted green chili toast bagel takes so long.

To the new Einstein Bros. Bagels management: please solve the service failures!

Imani Chet Lytle

Imani Chet spends most of her time behind the scenes at People Newspapers handling design and marketing tasks, but you can occasionally catch her out and about covering the latest museum openings, musical concerts, and delicious new food menus in the area – and all through her trusty dusty iPhone camera. Catch some of the action on our instagram page: @peoplenewspapers

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