Rise and Shine, Park Cities (7-12-11)

Now that I’ve sufficiently come down from my free Slurpee high, let’s do this:

1. Looks like the Highland Park Town Hall project may have hit a slight snag. Some questions have arisen between the town and a projected off-site location the town was ready to lease to house town offices during construction. DPS Chief Chris Vinson wasn’t prepared to call it a “setback,” so I called it a snag.

Seems the town may soon look at some other locations to store the offices for the projected 18 month construction period.

2. Thursday night. University Park Public Library. 6:30 p.m. Slam poetry night. I’ll bring the berets if you bring the, uh, medicine, you hep cat.

3. There was a University Park Planning and Zoning meeting set for tonight, but it was canceled. Feel free to do whatever you normally do on Tuesday afternoons.

4. In last week’s paper I wrote about HP alum Erin Trieb, who’s raising money to support her Homecoming Project, a photography project dedicated to raising awareness about soldiers and the struggles they face coming home.

Since the story ran, Erin’s raised more than $3,000, to push her total to $13,886. I attribute this to all you fine Park Cities residents. Well done.

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