Thieves Snatch Books, Hair Clippers, and Cuff Links

And I thought the theft of third row seats and side mirrors was odd. This week’s police blotter revealed a number of unusual items are appealing to criminal minds.

1. Stroller

2. Bathroom light fixture

3. Hardback books

4. Cuff links

5. Hair clippers

Can you guess which items fetched the highest and lowest value assessed by their owners? The answer and deets on each crime are after the jump. As always, for the skinny on the week’s lawbreaking, pick up a copy of Preston Hollow People.

Highest value: Tie between numbers 1 and 5, $300

Lowest value: Number 2, $30


Between 5 p.m. June 7 and 8:30 a.m. June 8, a thief stole a $300 stroller in the 4900 block of Purdue Avenue.

Between 9 and 10 p.m., a burglar broke into a blue 2003 Chevrolet in the 500 block of Bowser Avenue and stole a $30 bathroom light fixture.


At 8:47 p.m., a burglar broke into Salvo Hair Design in the 10200 block of Midway and stole $180 worth of hair clippers.


At 1:17 p.m., a thief stole a package of 10 hardback books worth $132 from a front porch in the 10700 block of Pagewood Drive. The owner believes the thief was watching her house, waiting for the delivery.


Between 7 a.m. June 7 and 3 p.m. June 11, a thief stole a $300 cuff link set in the 6000 block of Del Roy Drive.

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