Commissioner Reacts – Loudly – to Redistricting Plans

The proposed Commissioner's Court precinct redistricting map — political "flim-flam," if you ask Maurine Dickey.

If you haven’t heard, County Commissioner Maurine Dickey, whose district includes the Park Cities, is fuming about proposed redistricting plans. As drafted, the new map divvies out some of Dickey’s constituents to District 2 commissioner Mike Cantrell — and by Dickey’s take, it’s all “flim-flam.”

One way or another, district lines must be redrawn every 10 years in light of U.S. Census data. If approved, the proposed map will be effective by next spring, in time for elections.

Click the redistricting link here (you can’t miss it) to see the current map and updates from Dallas County.

One thought on “Commissioner Reacts – Loudly – to Redistricting Plans

  • June 8, 2011 at 12:58 pm

    I ADORE Commissioner Dickey, she’s a smart, committed, hard working individual. From what I read I totally agree with her, it’s ridiculous and just plain wrong the way they switched this up then tried to very sneakily push it through yesterday. Make a huge, major change like that without telling the court members, having them find out only when they were called on to make the vote – not even one minute to think first, much less study, ask questions, debate, etc.? If it’s not illegal it should be, she did the right thing making a HUGE STINK about it, how else could she make sure the word got out?

    FYI – I don’t share many political views with Commissioner Dickey, but admire her no less for that fact. She’s 100% right about this one.


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