W.T. White Choir Brings Home 19 State Medals

Choir members show appreciation for their parents, friends, and teachers at the Spring concert. Photo: Louisa Meyer

After earning top honors at UIL, the longhorn choir ended the year with a bang at the State competition in Austin. Here’s a rundown of the 2011 medal winners:

1st division medals: Griselda Cortez, Brittney Sewell, Jade Watkins, Caine Frederique, Juan Aguinaga, Racquel Jones

2nd division medals: Jacorey Upshaw, Jennifer Melendez, Vanessa Serreano, Ami Nami, Kyle Barnes, Linda Schiestal, Demetrio Teniente, Marvin Melendez, Isaiah Rice, Walter Zeyala, Anna Plunkett, Jatsive Hernandez

3rd Division medal: Racquel Scaggs

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