Greenhill Earns Greenbacks for Japan

Third-graders Ashley Owens, Emma Merriman, Emily Caplan, Sara Mohammad, and Kerri Rosenthal, collectively known as Hand in Hand Help Japan attracted a crowd every morning for their bake sale. Photo courtesy of Greenhill.

If you need to raise money for a cause, I can think of few better ideas than selling sugary treats. No need to reinvent the wheel, just whip some butter, flour, and eggs together, add a dash of sugar and people will come running.

Students at Greenhill saw this lesson of economics and human nature unfold earlier this month as they raised more than $2,600 for relief efforts in Japan. To read more about their project, check out the press release after the jump.

Greenhill Lower School Students Raise More than $2,600 for Families in Japan

Dallas, Texas (May 19, 2011) –  During the week of May 2nd, Greenhill Lower School held a bake sale that raised more than $2,600 for families impacted by the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  The effort was spearheaded by five third-graders, Ashley Owens, Emma Merriman, Emily Caplan, Sara Mohammad and Kerri Rosenthal, collectively known as Hand in Hand Help Japan.  The girls saw the devastation in Japan and wanted to help.  They came up with a plan for a division-wide bake sale and presented it to Michael Simpson, the Head of the Lower School, for approval.

With minimal assistance from Mr. Simpson or their parents, the girls organized the acquisition of baked goods – each grade was responsible for bringing treats on a specific day – and they handled each purchase, trading each cookie or brownie for $0.50 or $1.00.  “We told people that every dollar matters.  Some people gave us more than what they owed!” said Emily.

The girls also helped their classmates understand what was happening in Japan by creating two educational displays.  One display showed the plight of people affected by the disaster; the other showed how relief organizations were using donations to help those in need.

On May 19, John L. Billimek, the Major Gifts Officer from the Dallas area Red Cross, came to campus to receive the check from the Hand in Hand Help Japan team and the third grade, who acted as representatives for the entire Lower School division.  He shared with the students that their funds would help to build new homes for Japanese families.

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