Teacher Appreciation: What’s a Parent to do?

The end of the school year brings a lot of emotions.  My kids are happy, my husband is relieved that the hustle and bustle of finals and awards ceremonies is over, and I am stressed about what to give the teachers as a “thank you” for teaching my child and putting up with me.

I know its their job to teach, but  given all they do, don’t teachers deserve an extra “thank you” from parents?  Is there a thoughtful, but reasonably priced gift for teachers this time of year?  One year I gave the teachers candles. But, judging from the assortment of other candles on their desks, it wasn’t an original idea.  Another year I gave the teachers personalized notecards.  Two years ago I gave out Starbucks gift cards and last year I bought six chocolate Nothing Bundt Cakes.

A Hallmark card doesn’t seem like enough of a gift, but cash seems like a payoff for tolerating, comforting, and teaching my little ray of sunshine.  Is there a better option?  Please share your thoughts.  You will probably help out a neighbor and fellow parent looking for the perfect end of year teacher gift.

Imani Chet Lytle

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