Lord of The Rings Returns to Dallas Theaters

For me, the early 2000s were a time of change.

I was becoming a man, and with that came the responsibilities of a man: growing facial hair, drinking the cheapest beer that can be acquired with a fake license with a poor spelling of the Land of Lincoln (Illonois), and watching the Lord of the Rings in theaters.

Now that I am a man (I am too a man, father!), I continue to grow facial hair, drink cheap beer that I can now acquire with my own license, and watch the Lord of the Rings, albeit from my own home.

But change, again, is on the horizon.

For three days in June, the Lord of the Rings trilogy will be re-released in theaters, with an extra hour tacked on each film.

June 14 will see the return of The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers will find its way to theaters June 21, and The Return of the King will punish viewers with tiny bladders on June 28. The AMC in Northpark will show all three films. Get your tickets here.

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