Scouts Flood UP City Hall

There were about 10 other scouts there, but I left my phone's wide-angle lens at home.

Every council meeting, a few Boy Scouts come to UP City Hall to fulfill a requirement for the Citizenship in the Community or Communications merit badge. By “a few” I mean the most I’d ever seen before Tuesday was six or seven.

In what was certainly a “I need to get this requirement done before the school year ends” push, 24 scouts attended Tuesday’s meeting. A brief statistical breakdown:

Number of scouts present: 24

Number of regular, non-Scout/Scout parent attendees: 13 (Mayor Dick Davis joked, “We may have a takeover on our hands.”)

Troops represented: one (Troop 577)

Merit badge requirements fulfilled: 21 for Communications, one for Citizenship in the World, and two scouts didn’t name what badge they were working on, though it’s safe to say they may have been fulfilling the oddly placed “Attend a public meeting” requirement of the Leatherwork or Dog Care badges.

Average age of scouts: 13ish? Even though they were all chomping at the bit to reach Eagle, which I (admittedly) put off until days before my 18th birthday. Kids: working harder than me since 1997.

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