Georgatos Wants to Lead County Republicans

Are you a Republican? Do you live in Dallas County? (If you’re reading Preston Hollow People, then you probably answered yes to both questions.) Then Preston Hollow resident Debbie Georgatos wants to be your leader. Full press release can be found after the jump.

Debbie Georgatos is running for Chair of the Dallas County Republican Party. On May 2, the current Chair, Jonathan Neerman, will step down and Georgatos will be a candidate in the May 17th election and in the March 2012 Primary. Republican Precinct Chairs are eligible to vote in the May 17th election, and the March 2012 election is open to the general public.
“The Dallas County GOP needs a leader who can fully commit to the task of strengthening the Republican Party in all parts of Dallas County. We need someone who is inclusive, passionate, and who has a plan. During the next year, we need build on Jonathan Neerman’s foundation and to focus our efforts on reaching out to potential Republican voters in our county, and bringing our message to a wider audience. I have already started this important work, and it is the key to winning future elections. If we want different results, we need to do things differently,” said Georgatos.
Georgatos, a 54 year-old former employment litigation attorney, is the current Vice-Chair of the Dallas County GOP, and has served in many Party roles including precinct chair, election judge, convention delegate, and as a campaign staff member and volunteer for various Republican candidates. “I know how much time and effort it takes to do party jobs well. To ensure the success of the Dallas County GOP, we need to recruit more people who are willing to commit to these important roles.”
Georgatos has hosted and organized countless political fundraisers over the years raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for federal, state, and local candidates.  She currently serves on The Heritage Foundation’s Dallas-Fort Worth Steering Committee and on the board of the Park Cities Republican Women’s Club and the Dallas County Council of Republican Women.
While Republicans all over the US and in Texas were successful in the 2010 election cycle, Dallas County Republicans lost all countywide races.  Many races were close, where victory was only won by a small margin.  The Dallas County Republican Party is the largest county party in the area that does not have a full time Chairman.

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