Kidwell Made Quite an Impression

Christy Kidwell paints along Turtle Creek. (Staff photo by Chris McGathey)

The subject of the “Deep in the Hollow” feature in today’s paper is artist Christy Kidwell. Here’s her answer to the question “What was your first job?”

My first job out of college was with Wick Allison’s D Magazine. They had not even published their first issue and were a small, in-house operation then. I went to work as the receptionist, typesetter, and editorial assistant, and I freelanced for the art department. It was an exciting atmosphere, on the edge, and I got to meet many of the people who influenced Dallas. When I left two years later, they divided my job among three different people.

I just went to Wick’s office to ask if he remembers her. How could he not? She painted a portrait of the big man that he still keeps on his desk.

Wick Allison displays his Christy Kidwell original. (Staff photo by Dan Koller)

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