Rise and Shine, Park Cities (3-29-11)

1. Still more than a week away, but University Park will host a document shredding  from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., April 9, at Highland Park Middle School. Park Cities residents are encouraged to bring any sensitive documents to the event, where they’ll be shredded for free.

No word on whether greasy fast food receipts, old Playboy mags, or decades-old love letters from Cindy, the girl who lived down the hall junior year and just looked oh-so cute in those bellbottoms, count as “sensitive.”

Busy night at Highland Park Town Hall last night, starting with…

2. …$8,447.25 for the library, donated by the Highland Park Quality of Life Foundation  and the Friends of Highland Park Library. The money will be used to purchase downloadable audio books.

Patrons can head to the library’s website, download Twilight or Crime and Punishment or Joy of Cooking*, throw it on their iPod, and let their ears do the reading.

3. Councilmembers also approved nearly $800,000 worth of improvements to the city’s communications and data network. The new equipment will be a welcome improvement over the Department of Public Safety’s 20 year-old system.

The purchase is one of the first concrete steps in the town’s town hall renovation. Architects are expected to return to the April 11 meeting with new renderings of the proposed building, and councilmembers will see if they need to head back to the drawing board again.

* I’m not sure if these books are actually available. Go to the website to check out for yourself.

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