Borders Update: They’re Selling The Furniture

If you haven’t swung by Borders at Preston Oaks Shopping Center yet, you’d better hurry. While earlier discounts were hum-drum, sales are now up to 60 percent on books, and up to 80 percent on other products such as E-readers and stationary. And if you’re not a book worm, you can get tables, chairs, shelves and just about anything else in the store at a buyer’s premium.

In other news, the cafe has closed and the store no longer offers wireless access. There’s still no word on an official last day of business, but at this rate, they won’t have products to sell for too much longer. I think we’d all trade the cheap prices on hardbacks to keep this Dallas staple, but alas that’s not an option. So meander through the aisles once more and pick up a souvenir to remember the good old days.

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