Introducing Mr. Hillcrest High School…

Senior Patrick Crowling wowed the crowd with his choreography to Cotton-Eyed Joe. Staff Photo Christina Barany.

If you didn’t make it out to Hillcrest High School last night for the crowning of Patrick Crowling as Mr. HHS, shame on you.

Of course, missing Crowling’s performance is enough punishment in itself, so I’ll spare you any further rebuke.

Crowling described his act as “An original, self-choregraphed interpretive dance of rural Southern Culture in America.”

I’d just call it awesome.

Crowling seemed to draw on every genre of dance for his four-minute performance, including tap, river dance, and break dancing. Unfortunately, our production schedule ruled out the possibility of running a story in this week’s paper, as it was already sitting in our offices when the show was taking place. But, we’ll have a full article with analysis of the entire competition, including the tux walk, talent show, and Q&A in the March 18 edition of Preston Hollow People. A teaser: Ninja Ping Pong and a Justin Bieber tribute also made an appearance at the show.

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