Transitions, Transitions

With basketball playoffs winding down and swimming over at the high school level, it is time to transition myself for one sport to another. Ok. Maybe a few others. There is nothing particularly special about the photo in this post, however, sometimes I need to re-train myself on where best to stand, sit or position myself to get the best photos. Softball, baseball, lacrosse and soccer, and track will eat up most of my time this spring. With most basketball games the gyms and space is quite limited. Either sit along a back wall under a hoop, at half court or up in the stands, but with Spring sports it’s like a breath or fresh air. Outdoors is a welcome transition, and there is just so much more room to work with and a lot more field to cover. With lacrosse I generally stand at half field and can get both teams, see both  goals, and stand, sometimes crouch to get up close and personal. The same with soccer. Generally one player has possession unless there is a tussle for a loose ball. Sometimes players are airborne like in soccer when they try to head the ball, but that is for a whole different post, one I will get into at a later date. Officials won’t let you stand behind the lacrosse goals, good thing because realistically it’s too dangerous. I have been hit by a line drive softball. So if I multiplied it by 100 that is what I imagined it would feel like getting hit by a lacrosse ball. Basically high school sports is like learning to ride a bike all over again. Once you get back on and shoot a few games, you just never forget how. As a photographer while editing photos try calibrate where your were standing when you took the photo. If photos from a certain area of the playing field did not work out (too far away, etc..) try make a mental note of the stadium, softball field so you remember. If it’s your first time to visit a certain stadium, baseball field etc.. getting there early to scope it out and make a game-plan of where to shoot from never hurts.

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