Bar Method Lands Shella Sattler

It’s always nice when your workout instructor has the chops to make it in professional sports. In an ideal world, we’d take a spin class with Lance Armstrong, lift weights with the Governator, and get sprint coaching from Usain Bolt. While there’s no indication that any of those options are available, famed dancer Shella Sattler is now teaching classes at the Bar Method in Inwood Village. In addition to founding Dallas Powerhouse Dance, Sattler has been a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, Dallas Mavericks Dancer, Los Angeles Clippers Cheerleader, SMU Cheerleader, and a professional cheerleader for National Cheerleader’s Association. But despite all her rigorous dancing days, Sattler said training to become a Bar Method instructor has been quite a challenge.

“It’s probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life,” she said. “They are no joke.”

Sattler trained for a week in New York, where she endured physical and mental stretching. Besides learning the technique, she also had to master anatomy classes in order to understand the mechanics behind the exercises. Catch Sattler in class Monday through Saturday, beginning at 9:15.

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