North Dallas Eruv is Down For Shabbat

Congregation Shaare Tefilla sent out an e-mail today announcing a breach in the eruv that overlaps with Preston Hollow. The fishing line that encloses 4 square miles bounded by Northaven, the Tollway, LBJ, and Hillcrest is down.

While this may not mean much, if anything, to the Gentile reader, it’s a pretty big deal for the Kosher crowd. When the line’s up, the area is religiously recognized as private property, which allows members of the Modern Orthodox synagogue to do things like carry keys and push a stroller to the Friday evening Shabbat service. This evening, Shabbat goers will have no such privileges. An excerpt from the e-mail:

The following restrictions are in place this Shabbat:

  • One may not carry any item into a public domain (essentially out of the enclosed area of a private residence or shul). This includes keys, books, reading glasses, talit bags, extra shoes, etc. *Make sure to drop off your talit bags before Shabbat!*
  • One may not push a stroller or carry an infant in a carrier.

Please note that simply attaching an item (for example, a key) to ones clothing does not make it permissable to carry such an item. In order for an item to be considered a “single piece of clothing”, it must be designed to have either a functional or decorative purpose.

Congregation Shaare Tefilla is fielding calls at the shul office (972-661-0127) to assist those who may have trouble meeting these guidelines.

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