Rise and Shine, Park Cities (2-23-11)

1. First off, this morning’s edition should be called “Rise and Shine, if You’re a Hangover Victim.” Sorry about the lateness.

2. From the colorful account our dear commenter “Neal” posted yesterday evening, I gather that, while those affected by the proposed parking district did get to speak at last night’s University Park City Council meeting, the vote was postponed. But I would have sat through all of the public comment portion just to see this:

The only drama was when some old guy who had just finished asking that his block be taken out was walking back to his seat, when some other old guy held up a grainy enlarged photo of a street crowded with parked cars and sputtered “this is your street!”, to which the first old guy, his eyes bulging a little as he bent over to get a better view, hissed back “my street but not my block!”

By the way, congrats on attending your first City Council meeting, Neal!

3. And if you’ve got a few spare moments at around lunchtime today, run on over to Barnes & Noble with your copy of Against All Odds because the author himself, Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass), will be there to sign it.

One thought on “Rise and Shine, Park Cities (2-23-11)

  • February 24, 2011 at 12:07 am

    It’s unfortunate that the UP City Council has decided to vote on the Parking District on March 15th, when many of the homeowners affected by the vote will be out of town because it is Spring Break.


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