Rise and Shine, Park Cities (2-15-11)

1. Snow. Tomorrow. Be prepared.

2. Just kidding.

3.  Instead of going head-to-head in the “Battle of the Badges,” Highland Park and University Park have teamed up for a new blood drive, to be held from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., March 25, at HP’s Department of Public Safety. Mark your calendars.

UPDATE: According to UP spokesman Steve Mace:

On March 25 residents will also be able to donate from 8-4 at UP City Hall and a second location, the Peek Service Center, from 1-4. On Saturday, March 26, Park Cities residents will also be able to donate from 9-5 at UP City Hall.

4. Parents concerned about their children’s education ( i.e. everyone who reads this blog) should head to McCulloch Intermediate School between now and Feb. 28. All the possible new textbooks are on display in the third  floor assembly room.  The following books are up for consideration:

  • 2-8 Grammar
  • English I-IV
  • 1-3 Handwriting
  • 1-6 Spelling

Parents are encouraged to offer feedback on the textbooks.

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