DISD to Request Waiver From TEA For Missed Days

If all goes according to plan, Dallas ISD students will only have to make up half of the days missed due to snow. The district announced on Friday that it would be using the two make-up days already built into its schedule, April 22 and May 23, but would request a waiver from the Texas Education Agency for the remaining two days so as not to interrupt spring holidays.

Private school plans are still up in the air. Andi Pickle, director of communications at Hockaday, said the school would work to ensure students “are able to make up all the work missed this week without changing future breaks and without piling on unmanageable expectations.” That sounds pretty good. For more concrete plans from area private schools, pick up the Feb. 11 edition of Preston Hollow People. I’d give you more of a tease now if I could, but history is still being composed.

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